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Postural Assessment

Postural Assessment

Most people do not have perfect posture. This is a result of our lifestyle. We spend many hours hunched over a laptop, texting, driving, watching television, etc, all of which can lead to changes to our bodies that affect our posture.

What happens when we are in these positions initially, is that we put tension on different muscle groups, which leads to imbalances in strength and flexibility. Eventually, if not corrected, these imbalances can lead to changes in joint mechanics, and the actual structure of our spines. Most of the time, we adapt to these changes, and live relatively pain free lives, but sometimes, these changes can be the source of great discomfort.

Most of our patients receive a postural assessment when they first come in. It is part of our normal evaluation. We always perform a quick scan and note whether or not there are postural changes that may be affecting your complaint of pain or loss of function. We look at things such as the position of your spine, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and feet in order to draw a clinical picture of the factors that may be influencing your diagnosis.

If we determine that your diagnosis is affected by your posture, even if only minimally, we will include exercises and manual techniques into your treatment plan to help improve this limitation. If your pain is directly caused by how you are sitting, driving, and carrying yourself, we will give you tools to help improve your posture in these positions.

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